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One hundred years is an impressive amount of time. Conferring 100 degrees is an equally impressive feat in our fraternity, one deserving of the Century Pin.

On Oct. 13, 2011, Bro. Morton Kovalsky, P.M., Hackenburg-Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 19, Philadelphia, was honored for performing this feat. The formal presentation of the Century Pin and accompanying certificate was made by Bro. Chuck Holloway, District Deputy Grand Master for District C. Bro. Bart Davis, P.M., reviewed Bro. Kovalsky's ritualistic career, which included: conferring degrees in 35 of the 38 years since he started the work, conferring two different degrees on the same night on three separate occasions, conferring 52 degrees after the age of 69 and teaching the ritual to many brethren. More than 20 of the brethren upon whom Bro. Kovalsky conferred degrees were in attendance. The lodge presented Bro. Kovlsky with a list of all of the degrees he has conferred, letters from brethren who could not attend and a personal gift.

Bro. Bart Davis, P.M., and Bro. Mort Kovalsky, P.M.

Manoquesy Lodge No. 413, Bath, has achieved the distinction of winning a Twain Award for 2011. The Masonic Information Center (MIC) sponsors the Mark Twain Masonic Awareness Award to recognize lodges that have demonstrated exemplary work in constructing a positive Masonic identity within the lodge and community. Out of approximately 10,000 lodges in North America, only 18 received this distinction in 2011. Manoquesy Lodge No. 413 is proud to be one of the elite few.

The MIC Award Task Force evaluates participating lodges' initiatives and activities that create a positive Masonic identity within the lodge and in the community with exemplary skill, creativity and resourcefulness. Lodges also must demonstrate exceptional commitment to Freemasonry's philosophy of self-improvement and enlightenment.

On Dec. 19, 2011, Bro. H. Barton Myers, a resident of Masonic Village at Warminster, was presented with his 75-year Certificate and Diamond Jubilee Award. Bro. Myers, now 99, was Entered and Fellowcrafted in 1933 and raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason on Jan. 15, 1934. He received his degrees in Michael Arnold Lodge No. 636, which merged into Richmond Lodge No. 230, Philadelphia, in 1988.

The presentation ceremony was hosted by Southampton Radiant Star Lodge No. 806, Warminster, and was conducted by Bro. Robert Bateman, then-R.W. Senior Grand Warden, with the assistance of Bro. Robert Burns, District Deputy Grand Master for District A.

Front row, left-right: Brothers Michael Panzer, W.M., Southampton-Radiant Star Lodge No. 806, Warminster; Robert Bateman, then-R.W. Senior Grand Warden; H. Barton Myers; Robert Burns, District Deputy Grand Master for District A; and Carl Swope, District Deputy Grand Master for District 8. Back row, left-right: Paul Myers, son; Donna Myers, daughter in-law; and Kyle Myers, grandson of Bro. H. Barton Myers.

Hermann-Humboldt Lodge No. 125, Warminster, the oldest German-speaking lodge in the United States, celebrated 200 years of German Freemasonry in Pennsylvania in 2011. Constituted Jan. 25, 1811, the lodge met for 191 years in the Norman Hall within the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia and now meets in the Frey Southampton Masonic Center in Warminster.

The lodge celebrated its anniversary with a festive lodge meeting in Corinthian Hall of the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia on Feb. 12, 2011. Then-R.W. Deputy Grand Master Jay W. Smith presided and received the Grand Masters from New York and New Jersey, and several District Deputy Grand Masters and brethren from other jurisdictions as well, including Canada and Germany. In all, with more than 300 brethren attending, 39 lodges were represented from three countries and six states. Afterward, the participants attended a typical German reception and dinner complete with celebratory speeches and traditional accordion music.

On June 12, 2011, a formal Johannisfest /Jubilee took place at Spring Mill Manor, where all German-American Clubs and Associations were invited to celebrate. The brethren were honored with a visit of the M.W. Grand Master of the United Grand Lodges of Germany, Bro. Rüdiger Templin. The German-American, American and German press wrote many favorable accounts of the lodge's year-long anniversary celebration.

Brothers Bob Burns, District Deputy Grand Master for District A, and Pierre H Rausch, P.M., Herman-Humboldt Lodge No. 125.

On Feb. 29, five members of Newtown Lodge No. 427, Woodside, received their 50-year Masonic Service Emblems at a special, open meeting with more than 200 people present.

Recipients included twin brothers ,Bros. Edward O. Weisser, R.W. Past Grand Master, and William W. Weisser, Sr.; and Bros. Elmer G. Albright, P.M.; Wayne F. Eisele, P.M.; and John M. Nay, P.M. Assisting with the set-up and serving of the banquet following the meeting were members of the Order of the Eastern Star, Order of the Amaranth, DeMolay and Rainbow Girls.

R.W. Past Grand Master Weisser presented the Daniel Carter Beard Masonic Scouter Award to Bro. George Stockburger V for his years of service to the Boy Scouts, as well as the Eagle Scout Award to his son, George VI. Bro. Robert W. Puckett, W.M., presented R.W. Grand Master Jay W. Smith with a $500 donation to the Masonic Children's Home on behalf of Newtown Lodge.

At a stated meeting of Prince Edwin-Spring Creek Lodge No. 486, Middletown, Bro. Stanley T. Hollinger was presented with his 70-year Masonic Service Emblem by Bro. Scott T. Matincheck, District Deputy Grand Master for District 2. Bro. Hollinger stated that he is proud to be a Freemason and that it has guided his life.

Left-right with Bro. Hollinger are Bros. Jeremy J. Kring, S.W.; Scott T. Matincheck, D.D.G.M.; Theodore V. Evans, W. M.; and Edward T. Barrick, J.W.

On Nov. 14, 2011, Bro. Donald D. Nicewonger, P.M., (center) received the Century Pin at a ceremony at Olive Temple Masonic Lodge No. 557, Tionesta. Presenting the certificate was Bernard D. Hanmore, District Deputy Grand Master of District 25 (right). Looking on is Bro. Larry E. Osten, W.M. (left).

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