Volume LIXMay 2012Number 2

Invite Good Men to Become Masons!

So They Can Take Advantage of a One Day Masonic Journey

If you know of a quality candidate for membership, put him in contact with your local lodge leadership, direct him to www.bapamason.com or encourage him to call the Grand Lodge at 800-462-0430.

Every district in Pennsylvania will be hosting a One Day Masonic Journey sometime this fall, when approved candidates for membership may receive all three Blue Lodge degrees in one day. Information regarding other Masonic affiliated organizations will be available, as well. Reach out to family members, neighbors, co-workers and friends worthy of joining the fraternity and invite them to experience this unique event, ideal for quality men busy with family, military, work and volunteer commitments.

Another great way to encourage interest in your lodge is to take an active part in your lodge's Open House. Find out how you can help plan, organize or assist with the event ... and invite interested men, 18 and over, who believe in a Supreme Being and want to better their community. Help promote this opportunity within your community to tour your lodge building, ask questions of experienced and knowledgeable members and obtain applications. Your lodge's success depends on YOU!

Throughout 2012 and 2013, the Grand Lodge fee of $100 and Grand Lodge dues are excused for all men, 18 and over, who have graduated high school and have either received an official acceptance letter to or are attending a two-year or four-year college, who join the fraternity. The Grand Master also has encouraged all lodges to reduce the initiation fee or lodge dues to attract younger men to join.

In order to give our lodges the opportunity to participate in the 2012 Regional One Masonic Journey, the following decisions are effective immediately and may be used only for the One Day Masonic Journey:

  • The conferral of all three degrees on one day is authorized without seeking the approval of the R.W. Grand Master.
  • A petition for the degrees shall be in the form prescribed by the Grand Lodge, must be presented to the lodge at a stated meeting, shall be read, noted in the minutes and referred to a Committee of Inquiry. The petition shall lie over to a subsequent stated meeting and be voted on.
  • The Masonic month requirement is waived during the month of the One Day Masonic Journey in order to allow the lodges to facilitate the petition process, providing all the proper petitioning, investigating and balloting procedures are completed prior to the date of the conferral of degrees.
  • Lodges are encouraged to conduct stated, extra and/or special meetings for the purpose of balloting on candidates during the months of July and August.
  • Lodges may conduct special meetings for the purpose of presenting and/or balloting on candidates, provided due and timely notice is provided to the members.
  • Multiple balloting will be permitted and encouraged on any number of petitioners.
  • Approved petitioners may be held for the One Day Masonic Journey, regardless of their date of approval, waiving the six-month rule.
  • Lodge dues can be prorated for the remainder of the year.
  • Proficiency before advancement will not be required; however, lodges are required to have members available to instruct candidates.
  • Organizations which have membership in the Masonic fraternity as a prerequisite may solicit and receive petitions only from candidates for the One Day Masonic Journey for their respective bodies in those locations that are participating with their degree work or ceremonials.

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