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More Than Just Meetings

After the meeting, Bro. James Sleighter, W.M., Orrstown Lodge No. 262, presented a check to Bethel 16 Honored Queen Jenny Buterbaugh.

Masonic youth groups enjoy having visitors at their stated meetings. On Jan. 10, 2011 Job's Daughters Bethel #15, Elizabethtown, added a little "twist" to their regular Bethel meeting and held a "Shadow Night" with the lodge officers of Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682, Elizabethtown. The lodge officers sat side by side with the girls on the Bethel floor. After each Bethel officer gave her station's charge, the lodge officer sitting next to her introduced himself and gave a brief description of what his duty is in a lodge meeting. Brooke Spence, Honored Queen of Bethel #15, said she really enjoyed seeing both the sidelines and the Bethel floor filled that night and found it very interesting how the lodge offices compare to the offices in Job's Daughters.

Orrstown Lodge No. 262 invited the members of Bethel #16, Chambersburg, to join them for dinner prior to their stated meeting on Feb. 17. After dinner, the girls performed an exemplification for the lodge officers and members, which included a brief explanation of their Job's Daughters regalia, and then performed the Closing Cross Ceremony. Afterwards, the girls introduced themselves and shared why they enjoy being members of a Masonic youth group. The men in attendance then had a chance to ask the girls questions about Job's Daughters. James W. Sleighter, W.M., said he was impressed at the effort the girls put into exemplifying their ritual work and was very thankful the girls were willing to take time out of their schedule to share Job's Daughters with his lodge.

These are just two examples of how you can make a meeting more than just a meeting. Visiting Masons always make a Job's Daughters Bethel meeting more meaningful to the girls since they have an audience for which to perform. A visit from Job's Daughters can make a lodge meeting extra-ordinary by sharing their customs and rituals. Consider having a Masonic youth group visit one of your lodge meetings ... or better yet, visit one of theirs!

PA Rainbow Grows In Several Ways

Kaitlin Nemec, Grand Worthy Advisor for PA Rainbow, has a goal to visit all the Assemblies this year. At this "Official Visit" to Faith Assembly in Wexford, she posed for a photo with some of her Grand Officers, Assembly members, pledge girls and prospective members.

Pennsylvania Rainbow is growing with new members and also with potential future members, by the development of Rainbow Pledge groups. Pledge groups are for girls ages 6-10. Pledge groups meet once a month at a lodge building for about an hour. The girls wear short white dresses, white shoes and white socks for their meetings.

There is a Pledge Ritual and the officer parts are read by the girls, not memorized. The main officers are: Pledge Sister, who presides in the East; Assistant Pledge Sister; Sister of Happiness; Sister of Confidence; Sister of Kindness; Sister Chaplain; Sister Drill Leader; and Sister Guardian. There are additional offices when the group is larger than eight. In addition, there is a Pledge Mother, who is usually a Rainbow Girl, and a Pledge Advisor, who is usually an adult and also on the Assembly Advisory Board. The Pledge Sister wears a tiara and plans her term, similar to the Worthy Advisor of an Assembly. The Pledges have their own sign and their Pledge song is "Blessed Be the Tie That Binds."

The ritualistic part of their meeting night lasts between 10-15 minutes. Then it is time for fun and fellowship. There is usually a snack and a craft, which can be for themselves or as a service project for others.

The Pledges are sometimes assisted at their meetings by the members of the Assembly, and Pledges sometimes participate with the older Rainbow Girls at selected activities and fun events.

Pledge meetings are open by invitation to families and those who are interested in attending. Currently 17 of our 31 Assemblies have Pledge groups. Pledge groups are listed with their home assembly on our website, www.parainbowgirls.org, in the roster section under the Assembly name. There are many creative group names that the girls have chosen themselves for their group. As the Pledges turn 11 years old, our hope is that they will continue their involvement and join their home Assembly.

as of Dec. 31, 2010

To say that Pennsylvania Rainbow is improving is one thing, but to prove it is another. But with numbers like this, it is obvious that the Order is experiencing some significant growth!

29 Number of Active Assemblies
31 Number of Total Assemblies
17 Number of Pledge Groups
28 Number of Girls in the Largest Assembly (Reading #33)
25 Number of Girls in the Second Largest Assembly (Pitcairn #90)
323 Number of PA Rainbow Girls
83 Number of Girls Initiated Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2010
24.9% Percentage of Growth in 2010
1 Number of Re-opened Assemblies in 2010 (Johnstown #35)
2 Number of Assemblies Constituted in 2010 (Altoona #188 & Aurora #189)
2 Number of Assemblies Re-opening in 2011 (Kittanning #39 & Philadelphia #47)
1 Number of new Assemblies working toward Institution (Lehigh Valley in Macungie)

For further information on how to bring Rainbow to your Masonic community, contact Mrs. Helen Snedden, Supreme Deputy, via e-mail or (412) 953-9455.

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