Volume LVIIIMay 2011Number 2

Regional One Day Masonic Journeys Planned in 2011

The 2010 One Day Masonic Journey was a great success due to the hard work of all of our brethren who participated and made Pennsylvania Freemasonry stronger. Continuing in this positive growth trend through the 21st Century Masonic Renaissance, R.W. Grand Master Thomas K. Sturgeon is authorizing and encouraging every district to conduct a one-time regional One Day Masonic Journey.

The locations of the One Day Journeys are being determined by the District Deputy Grand Masters (DDGM). Multiple districts are encouraged to join together by geographical region, if they so choose. Each region/location may select the date of its choice. Only the three Symbolic or Blue Lodge Degrees will be conferred on this day, unless the Scottish Rite or the Shrine wish to participate.

The Scottish Rite may choose to have the same participation as last year or may choose to have a reunion following each One Day Masonic Journey. The Shrine also may choose to have the same participation as last year or may choose to have a ceremonial following this One Day Masonic Journey. The ASSR and the Shrine will be given an allotment of time during the day to make a presentation and show a video, etc.

The Scottish Rite, Shrine, York Rite bodies and Tall Cedars of Lebanon are permitted to have a table in the lobby at the various locations holding a One Day Masonic Journey.

The decision on payment for lunch will be made by the lead DDGM for each location.

A Regional Instructor of the Ritualistic Work will cover each location. The process of selecting the Degree teams will be the same as last year. Proficiency before advancement to the next Degree will not be required; however, lodges are required to have members available to instruct candidates on the day of the journeys.

Lodges will be responsible for the necessary mentors as they were last year. The lead DDGM is responsible for registration of the lodge candidates within his district. Each lodge should be represented during registration. The "host lodge" for each location will open and close the Degrees and perform the courtesy Degrees on behalf of all lodges represented. This will not be a Grand Lodge Communication as it was last year. The Grand Master is encouraging the lodges to have Special Meetings prior to the One Day Masonic Journey to receive and ballot on petitions in accordance with Masonic Law. The petitions must be received by the lodge and read at a lodge meeting, a Committee of Inquiry must complete an investigation and report to the lodge, and a ballot must be held. All petitions must be presented in the usual format by the cut-off date in order to complete the requirements prior to the One Day Masonic Journey.

Tentative Schedule of One Day
Masonic Journeys as of April 26
Date District(s) Location
April 30 2, 3 Grand Lodge, Philadelphia
Sept. 10 42, 2, 3 York Masonic Center
Sept. 17 19 Newport Lodge No. 381
Sept. 24 17, 22, 33 Coudersport Consistory
Oct. 1 49 To Be Determined
Oct. 8 7 Reading Masonic Center
  16 Masonic Temple, Towanda
  36 Masonic Temple, Springfield
Oct. 15 9 To Be Determined
  13 Masonic Temple, Scranton
  37 St. James Lodge No. 457, Beaver
  50 Tentative, To Be Determined
Oct. 22 1, 60 Lancaster Masonic Center
  14 Salem Lodge No. 330, Hamlin
  15 Warren Lodge No. 240, Montrose
  18 To Be Determined
  20 Masonic Temple, Altoona
Masonic Temple, Hollidaysburg
  25 Masonic Temple, Meadville
  31 Masonic Temple, Uniontown
  34 Masonic Temple, Hollidaysburg
  35 Caldwell Consistory, Bloomsburg
  41 Masonic Temple, Altoona
  45, 58 Tamaqua Lodge No. 238
  59 Acacia Lodge No. 579, Taylor
Oct. 29 24 Masonic Temple, Erie
  26, 53 New Castle Consistory
  27 Masonic Temple, Kittanning
  30 Greensburg Masonic Center
  52 To Be Determined
Nov. 5 12 Masonic Temple, Wilkes-Barre
  46 Masonic Temple, Sunbury
  47, 54, 55 Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center
Nov. 12 21 Clearfield Lodge No. 314
Nov. 29 A, B, C, D, 8 Grand Lodge, Philadelphia
  • Anyone who would like to complete the balance of his Degrees may do so at the One Day Masonic Journey.
  • Approved petitioners may be held for the One Day Masonic Journey regardless of their date of approval, waiving the six-month rule.
  • The petitioner can receive all three Degrees at the regional location that is most convenient for him, regardless of which lodge he petitions.
  • As always, a new petitioner may choose to progress through the Degrees in the traditional fashion, if desired.

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