Volume LVIIMay 2010Number 2

Teamwork Leads to Growth

Job's Daughters Bethel No. 16, Chambersburg, had seen a decline in membership over the last several years. This past fall, the Bethel teamed up with George Washington Chapter, Order of DeMolay, also of Chambersburg, and began holding joint activities. The teamwork between the Bethel and Chapter has led to a renewed enthusiasm for both groups.

Both organizations now hold their stated meetings on the same day, and share a "family" meal between their two meetings. As they work together to promote both Job's Daughters and DeMolay, they have held joint fund raisers, and are experiencing an increase in attendance at meetings and activities.

The teamwork is paying off. With more activity and fun to talk about, they are starting to recruit new members. On Jan. 31, with the help of six other Bethels from across the state, Bethel No. 16 initiated two new members. The additional activity is generating more interest from the Masonic community. Bro. S. Eugene Herritt, District Deputy Grand Master for District 3, attended both the Job's Daughters initiation and the DeMolay Chapter meeting, where he met with the Chapter officers.

To make an acronym out of T.E.A.M. may be a cliché but it is also true: working Together, Everyone Accomplishes More!

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