Volume LVIIMay 2010Number 2

How a Lodge Can Adopt a Resident

One of the elements of the 21st Century Masonic Renaissance, adopting a resident or couple at the Masonic Villages, provides an important personal connection between the fraternity and the Masonic Villages. Residents benefit by knowing they have a support system of Masons who care about them, and lodges can benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experiences residents have to share about life and Freemasonry. Adopting a resident has been made easy:

  1. Stay informed. Each Lodge Secretary has a listing of the names of Masonic Village residents throughout the state who are already sponsored by that lodge, their birthdates and whether they are living in the retirement living, personal care or nursing area. Masonic Village staff will communicate any status changes for "adopted" residents to the Lodge Secretary and the District Deputy Grand Master.
  2. Contact the Masonic Villages. When your lodge is ready to adopt a resident, contact the Masonic Village employee listed at the right representing the desired location. These employees maintain a record of people and lodges involved in the program. If your lodge has a specific person in mind, these contacts can help you get connected. They can also suggest residents who would benefit from the adopt-a-resident program.
  3. Identify needs and activities. The Masonic Village contact person will provide you with basic information about that resident so your lodge has an understanding of how to best serve that person. She will also answer any of your questions throughout any of the stages of the adopt-a-resident program.
  4. Build a relationship. Get to know the residents and their specific interests and needs. Collaborate with lodge members to visit and spend time with them. Members may want to take residents for ice cream, provide and share a favorite meal, send encouraging cards, and give gifts for birthdays and holidays. Most importantly, look after residents' general needs and show them how important they are.
Masonic Village at Elizabethtown:
Cynthia Hollinger, director of volunteer services
(717) 367-1121, ext. 33175 or via email

Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill:
Lynn Christ, director of social services
(610) 825-6100, ext. 1271 or via email
Diana Sody, social services/admissions coordinator
(610) 825-6100, ext. 1214 or via email

Masonic Village at Sewickley:
Ann Beck, director of activities
(412) 741-1400, ext. 3200 or via email
Cindy Stefl, director of personal care, admissions & social services
(412) 741-1400, ext. 3600 or via email

Masonic Village at Warminster:
Anne Maher, administrator
(215) 672-2500, ext. 112 or via email
Joyce Wadsworth, director of admissions & social services
(215) 672-2500, ext. 116 or via email

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