Volume LVIIMay 2010Number 2

Annual Grand Communication

On Dec. 28, hundreds of Pennsylvania Freemasons and their guests, as well as distinguished guests from 17 Grand Jurisdictions and 16 Masonic bodies bade farewell to R.W. Past Grand Master Stephen Gardner and thanked him for his leadership. Bro. Richard E. Fletcher, Executive Secretary of the Masonic Service Association (MSA) and Past Grand Master of Vermont, presented a plaque to Bro. Gardner for his support of the Hospital Visitation Program of MSA. Bro. Gardner also was presented with his Past Grand Master's Jewel, Apron, Lapel Pin and a Past Grand Master's Commission. More than 1,500 guests attended the installation of R.W. Grand Master Thomas K. Sturgeon on Dec. 28. Celebration, patriotism and energy of change permeated the event, culminating with entertainment by Lee Greenwood.

In offering congratulations, Bro. Norman L. Christensen, Deputy for Wisconsin, Supreme Council, A.A.S.R., N.M.J., presented Grand Master Sturgeon a Green Bay Packers helmet. On behalf of Masonic District 7, District Deputy Grand Master Edward R. Stein presented an Eagles shirt with the Grand Master's title printed on the back.

Pennsylvania Franklin Medal Recipients     Presented by
Mark A. Haines, R.W. Grand Secretary      Stephen Gardner, R.W. Past Grand Master
Stephen Gardner, R.W. Past Grand Master       Thomas K. Sturgeon, R.W. Grand Master
Larry A. Buzzard, Director of the Ritualistic Work       Thomas K. Sturgeon, R.W. Grand Master
Jeffrey W. Coy, R.W. Grand Treasurer      Thomas K. Sturgeon, R.W. Grand Master

The Pennsylvania Franklin Medal was created in 1979 to honor distinguished Master Masons for their outstanding service to the Craft in general and Pennsylvania in particular. It has been awarded sparingly since then, maintaining very high standards for its presentation, and including among its recipients some of the most renowned Freemasons of our time. It is worn with Masonic regalia on formal occasions.

1,500 guests wave American flags during a patriotic song by Lee Greenwood.

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