Volume LVMay 2008Number 2

Residents Rave About
Elizabethtown's New Sycamore Apartments
In April, the first residents moved into the other half of the Sycamore Apartments.
There are still units available in both the North and South buildings. Anyone interested
in learning more about these apartments should contact the Marketing Office at (800) 676-6452.

It's been a little over two months since Paul and Joan Dellinger moved into their third-floor home in Elizabethtown's new Sycamore South Apartments. As excited as they were to move in, the Dellingers seem just as excited now that they've settled into their place.

"We love it here," Joan said. "Our place is great... with two bedrooms and a den, we have plenty of room with ample closet space."

The Dellingers, who moved to the Masonic Village from their home in Hallam, York County, said that the best thing about their living experience in Sycamore South can be summed up in one word: convenience.

"Everything is so convenient," said Joan. "The amenities that are offered, the services that are provided... we couldn't want anything that they don't already have. We feel very fortunate."

Paul and Joan have already taken advantage of some of those amenities, including the Masonic Life Center to exercise and several Masonic Village-sponsored bus trips to the Hershey Theatre, Wegmans food market and the State Capitol Building.

"We love going on those trips," Joan remarked. "The bus picks us up right in front of our building and drops us off at the same place. We get to meet new people, and we save on gas," she said.

Paul, a member of the York County Shrine Club and York County Tall Cedars, is looking forward to spring at the Masonic Village.

"I plan to do a little gardening," he said. "They will give us a plot of ground, and I can get those tomato plants going. We plan to spoil our neighbors with the produce we grow," Paul continued.

Two floors below the Dellingers, Ruth Johnston has made her one-bedroom apartment into a warm and cozy place she calls home. She moved from her home in Florida to come to the Masonic Village in January.

"I was a little apprehensive at first... I thought I'd feel cramped. But it's very spacious, and I have plenty of room."

Ruth decided to make the move to the Masonic Village while she is in good health, so that her family wouldn't have to "make potentially difficult decisions" later on. While she loved living in Florida, Ruth wanted to be closer to her family (her sister lives at the Masonic Village in Elizabethtown as well, and her daughter lives in Camp Hill, Pa.).

In addition to being able to see her sister every day and visiting her daughter whenever she likes, Ruth loves that so many of her household responsibilities are taken care of.

"I like that I don't have to be responsible for a house, the lawn care, fixing things when they break," Ruth said. "There's a sense of security that people are taking care of things, and that's a good feeling."

Like Paul Dellinger, Ruth is also looking forward to spring. An avid golfer, Ruth is ready to hit the links. "I golfed a lot when I lived and Florida, and I'm looking forward to that this year," she said.

When asked what they'd say to someone who is considering a move to Sycamore Apartments, the Dellingers and Mrs. Johnston were staunch advocates of Elizabethtown's newest residences.

"I've actually talked to several people about moving into Sycamore," Ruth said. "It's a lovely place, and the workmanship is first class. I'm very comfortable, and everyone who has helped me through this process is so nice and kind."

Joan echoed that sentiment. "It's a great place to live. I wouldn't hesitate to move here if I were someone else."

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