Volume LVMay 2008Number 2

DeMolays to the Rescue
Written by Margot Shaw

Our family has had to face many lonely and seemingly insurmountable hurdles over the past two years since the children lost their father, but none was harder than what we went through this past Sunday (February 10th). Thanks to the Steel City DeMolay Chapter, we weathered the crisis and learned the meaning of brotherhood first hand.

Exhausted after three long days emptying our former New Jersey home into a 17-foot rental truck, my two teenage children and I found ourselves battling one problem after another trying to cover the 400 miles back to Pittsburgh. High winds and a broken axle on a trailer carrying a boat delayed us greatly. It would be dark and bitterly cold in Pittsburgh when the truck, driven by "Aunt" Millie, was scheduled to arrive. Moreover, we, the work crew to unload, were an hour and a half behind. The situation grew more desperate when we learned that additional helpers were unable to meet the truck. Panic set in as we realized that the task of unloading had now fallen impossibly to just Aunt Mille and Nathan, my collegian son.

As we traveled across the PA Turnpike, feeling rather hopeless, we were struck with the idea to call upon my middle son's DeMolay Chapter. Duncan reached his Master Councilor, Aaron James, and true to the meaning of brotherhood, the young men of Steel City Chapter rallied to the cause without hesitation. With little more than an hour's notice, they cancelled their bowling party and asked their parents to drive them to meet the truck. Millie had to go buy mittens and hats for the crew because they had planned on bowling, not a cold weather work party. You cannot believe how cold, windy and miserable it was. No one in their right mind was doing anything outside that night. The six young men made short order of a seemingly overwhelming task. They worked tirelessly and without complaint in the worst cold spell of the winter with only headlights to light their way into a storage unit. It is no exaggeration to say that they rescued us.

The experience was one that we will never forget and those six young men have earned our undying respect and gratitude. Knowing that there are people out there who care and will come to your aid when needed is an incredible feeling. Many thanks to Master Councilor Aaron James; Luke Dufour, S.C.; Lamonte James, J.C.; Chris Baker; Tre James; and William Sewell, a prospective member at that time, who thought he was going bowling that evening. Adults involved were Marsha Dufour and Peggy Daley.

In addition, I am indeed grateful to all who work to make the Masonic Youth Organizations like DeMolay a reality; there are precious few opportunities for the values of service and brotherhood to be instilled in our children today. The world is being made a better place by your efforts.

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