Volume LVMay 2008Number 2

Butler Bethel Continues to Grow

It has been a year since Bethel #21 of Butler was chartered. The Bethel now has a membership of 25 girls and continues to grow with an initiation in March of four new members. How did they do that? It was through the hard work and dedication of the girls and the adults, and Masonic support from three local lodges, Victory Lodge No. 694, William H. Miller Lodge No. 769 and Butler Lodge No. 272, that this Bethel has made such great strides in such a short amount of time.

The girls are the biggest driving force for getting new members. They talk to their friends at school, telling them of their activities and how much fun they are having. It is through their infectious "cheerleading" that the Bethel is able to function and to get new members.

It is a balancing act of activities that include fun, ritualistic work, service for the community and others, making the girls feel and understand that they make a difference, and that their opinion matters. The adults are careful to always take the time to sit, listen and answer questions, regardless of relative importance. It is not always easy to find this balance, and there have been wobbles along the way, but it comes down to putting the girls and their thoughts first, and then filling in the rest with proper guidance. As the girls mature and increase in their leadership skills, the adults back off from decision-making and turn more of the program over to them. The next term is filled with activities, meetings, fund-raisers, community service functions, ritual exemplifications for local Masonic bodies and public events to let the community know about Job's Daughters

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