Volume LVMay 2008Number 2

Special Report: "Inside the Freemasons" Aired in Philly

Pennsylvania Freemasonry was recently the subject of a Special Report aired on Channel 6 ABC Action News, the largest and most frequently watched network in Philadelphia.

R.W. Grand Master Stephen Gardner was interviewed by reporter Dann Cuellar on Jan. 23, at the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia. The crew filmed throughout the Temple and at the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, as well as during the Presentation of Bro. Thomas Hopkins as District Deputy Grand Master for District B on Feb. 7.

The report provided an opportunity to showcase the Masonic Temple and the Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania, including some of its treasured artifacts and regalia, such as Bro. George Washington's Masonic Apron and a piece of his coffin. The strong heritage of Freemasonry was revealed, including famous Freemasons who have formed and continue to influence our country, as well as the immense charity provided through the benevolence of Freemasonry. Grand Master Gardner also refuted common conspiracy theories often disseminated about the fraternity.

Bro. Samuel King, M.W. Grand Master of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, also was interviewed for the story, which was aired on Feb.15.

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