Volume LIVMay 2007Number 2

Pennsylvania Rainbow Begins a New Era!

Miss Barbara Carson, P.G.M., 97-'98, and Liaison to the Supreme Assembly
Some people spend a lot of time looking beyond the Rainbow for something better, but the leaders of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls in Pennsylvania are looking at the Rainbow for some answers to questions about their future.

In November 2006, Mrs. Beryl L. Hogue resigned after seven years of dedicated service as Supreme Deputy and 29 years as Supreme Inspector for Rainbow in PA. Recognizing the need for immediate leadership, the Supreme Worthy Advisor appointed Miss Barbara Carson, Past Grand Matron of Eastern Star in PA, to serve as the liaison to the Supreme Assembly with the authority to conduct the normal business of PA Rainbow.

On Jan. 26-28, 2007, the Mother Advisors and Grand Deputies met at the Masonic Conference Center-Patton Campus to review all the programs, customs and rules governing PA Rainbow. Using the discussion model of "Open Space Technology," they quickly found that their opinions and ideas were valued and essential to the overall growth and success of PA Rainbow. Groups and topics were self-managed. Leaders were encouraged to propose topics they felt strongly about, and they became session leaders for those topics. All ideas were recorded and shared by way of flip chart pages taped in the hallway. The "principle of two feet" encouraged participants to enter and leave discussion groups when they were satisfied or had heard enough. It permitted open and honest discussion without authoritarian direction imposed on any topic. At the end of the conference, all of the discussion items were compiled and distributed to each participant so they could think about and review all the ideas presented.

Additionally, plans for Grand Assembly in July were solidified and an all-Assembly workshop program for the girls was planned for March 10, when the youth themselves would be given similar topics and opportunities to shape the future of their organization. It's just the beginning of a new era of growth for the Order of the Rainbow for Girls in Pennsylvania, and for the individual growth and success of each of its members.

Now a Tax-Exempt Charity!

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls recently announced the finalization of their status as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. That means that all three of the Masonic-sponsored youth groups in Pennsylvania now hold that charitable status from the IRS. The national organizations of the Order of DeMolay and the Order of Job's Daughters had both obtained that status previously.

So what does that mean? As charitable organizations, all contributions to these groups are deductible for tax purposes, including gifts to a local, state and national/international organization. It also means that lodges may now contribute to any of these groups from lodge charity funds, and that the groups may use charitable contributions for any of their program's expenses, including conventions, travel, membership drives, conference scholarships and so on.

Of course, lodges may still contribute to Masonic youth groups from lodge general funds as well, as provided for by the Digest of Decisions. And, naturally, tax deductions for contributions to Masonic youth groups may also be available to individual Masons who choose to give directly to these wonderful programs. Of course, supporting the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation also helps these youth groups thrive. For more details on 501(c)(3) organizations and tax-deductible contributions, consult your tax professional or the Office of Gift Planning for the Masonic Charities, toll-free at (800) 599-6454.

Jobies Cook Up Goodwill at Lodge

Knowing that all Masons enjoy good food, the Daughters of Bethel 7 of Columbia and Bethel 14 of Quarryville prepared a delicious chicken potpie dinner and served the meal prior to the February stated meeting of Lamberton Lodge No. 476. To show their appreciation, the brethren collected $261 for the girls' scholarship program.

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