Volume LIVMay 2007Number 2

A Grand Day at the Grand Lodge

Masonic District 11 led off the totally Masonic Division in the celebration of the City of Pottsville's 200th Anniversary Parade. The parade consisted of 28 units of clubs and almost every appendent body of Freemasonry was represented. A true picture of working hand in hand! The division was the largest by far, and was well received from start to finish. Pulaski Lodge No. 216, which celebrated its 175th Anniversary a month prior, held an open house during and after the event.
On June 24, 2006, Bluestone Lodge No. 338 of Hallstead, Pa., held an extra meeting in the Egyptian Room of the Masonic Temple, Philadelphia, to confer the Master Mason's degree on Bro. Joseph L. Carlson and on Bro. Samuel H. Whitney, who is a student at Temple University.

The Worshipful Master, Bro. Thomas L. Roe, made arrangements for the members, wives, children and friends to travel by bus to Philadelphia, tour the magnificent Masonic Temple, have lunch served by Vitorelli's Restaurant and use the Egyptian Room for the degrees. The wives and non-Masons had an opportunity to check out central Philadelphia shopping during the meeting.

Bro. Samuel H. Whitney was guided by his father, Bro. James R. Whitney; his grandfather, Bro. Robert M. Whitney conferred his Master Mason's degree; and his other grandfather, Bro. William Herbert, was there to witness the degree.
Front row, left-right: Bros. Thomas L. Roe, W.M., Samuel H. Whitney, James R. Whitney and Robert M. Whitney, P.M. Back row, left-right: Bros. William Herbert and Nathan A. Foster, District Deputy Grand Master for District 15.
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