Volume LIVMay 2007Number 2

Make Your Final Wishes Known

The letter excerpt below depicts very clearly how meaningful a Masonic funeral service can be to a loved one left behind, especially when the deceased brother was active in the Craft or has a lineage of Masons in the family. Yet many brethren do not make their wishes for a Masonic funeral known, or do not make their family aware of how to go about arranging one. In some cases, family members have expressed disappointment or regret at not having had the Masonic Order represented at a brother's funeral, not understanding that the lodge must be notified to make the arrangements.

Masonic funeral requests can be arranged a number of ways, but the first call should be made to the secretary of the lodge. Or, family members may call the Grand Lodge at (215) 988-1900, or download a funeral request from the Web site at www.pagrandlodge.org, which can be faxed to (215) 988-1951.

Many of us are diligent about creating and updating a will, but it is also important and helpful to make our final wishes known so our loved ones can have peace of mind.

On Jan. 31, 2007, my father, Henry C. Timms, a 67-year member of Community Lodge No. 744, Broomall, Pa., was given a Masonic funeral service performed by brothers from Greenleaf Lodge No. 561, Allentown, Pa. The four officers were Bros. Robert A. Nagle, P.M., Arthur R. Laudenslager, P.M., Robert H. Hoffman, III, P.M., and James A. Barbour, S.W. Five other brothers also honored my father with their presence at the funeral services.

After the services, the funeral procession was led by two fire trucks from the Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Company, Lehigh County, Pa., where Dad was a founding member.

I shall be forever grateful to my Greenleaf Lodge brothers for the solemn and dignified Masonic funeral service.
-Brian S. Timms, Worshipful Master, Greenleaf Lodge No. 561
Left-right: Fireman Kevin Borman, Deputy Chief Jim Young, Chief Steve Schneider, Fireman Jerry Royer, Asst. Chief Josh Wells, and Brian S. Timms, Worshipful Master, Greenleaf Lodge No. 561.

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