Volume LIVMay 2007Number 2

Meet Your Newly Appointed District Deputy Grand Masters

District C
Brother William L. Kingsbury, Past Master of Melita Lodge No. 295, Philadelphia, has been appointed District Deputy Grand Master for District C. Bill is married to Maureen H. Kingsbury and is a partner in the law firm Montgomery, McCracken, Walker & Rhoads, LLP. Bro. Kingsbury is pleased to be associated with "a great Masonic district of gracious, warm and welcoming Masons." He is "proud to work with the great people in this organization" and wants everyone to know that he is "seriously interested in serving the lodges of District C, and helping them to develop long-term strategies for growth and success."

District 5
Brother Gary L. Dukeman, Past Master of Howell Lodge No. 405, Narvon, has been appointed District Deputy Grand Master for District 5. Gary is married to Andrea Dukeman and he owns and operates Gary Dukeman Auto Service. With over 190 people attending, Bro. Dukeman remembers his official presentation as an unbelievable, mind-boggling evening. He was delighted to have all his children and many family members in attendance and has been well-received by his district. He's looking forward to working with the lodges in District 5 and is gratified that he has "been given their respect as their brother and also as their District Deputy Grand Master."

District 9
Brother Donald H. Masters, Past Master of H. Stanley Goodwin Lodge No. 648, Bethlehem, has been appointed District Deputy Grand Master for District 9. Don is married to Jane A. Masters and is the facility manager for the First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem. Bro. Masters was in awe at his official presentation that was attended by nearly 200 people. He hopes that his service as District Deputy Grand Master will be one in which "the lodges and members of the 9th Masonic District will be a part of the Masonic family, feeling comfortable coming to me to discuss things, realizing that the purple (apron) shouldn't be an intimidation."

District 26
Brother Mark R. Nord, Past Master of Mahoning New Castle Lodge No. 243, New Castle, has been appointed District Deputy Grand Master for District 26. Mark is married to Kelly Nord and is a nursing home administrator. Bro. Nord was overwhelmed to see so many people attend his official presentation, especially a number of 50, 60 and 70 year members who attended and received their emblems. "To represent the Right Worshipful Grand Master is an honor, and it has been great to meet all the brethren in the other lodges. They have been very welcoming."

District 29
Brother James R. Flanigan, Past Master of Claysville Lodge No. 447, Claysville, has been appointed District Deputy Grand Master for District 29. Jim is married to Ellen Flanigan and is a retired English teacher with the McGuffey School District. The number of people attending Bro. Flanigan's presentation was way beyond his expectation, and the evening brought back memories of when he received his Entered Apprentice Mason's Degree that was conferred by his father. He understands that he is "a very visible symbol of the fraternity in this community" and as a role model for the leaders in the district, he remarked that, "if I talk the talk, I'd better walk the walk."

District 42
Brother Teddy D. Sizemore, Past Master of Friendship Lodge No. 663, Delta, has been appointed District Deputy Grand Master for District 42. Ted is married to Jennifer Sizemore and is a Senior Network Administrator for LifeLogics. Even though the weather was inclement, over 130 people "packed the house" for his presentation and he remembers that night as "one of the highlights of my life." He also noted that his "wife, Jennifer, accompanies me to many of the family and youth events. She doesn't mind the time it takes, and just the other night she told me, 'I'm so proud of you and the fraternity you are involved in.'"

District 47
Brother Samuel W. Spanos, Past Master of Doric Lodge No. 630, Sewickley, and Rochester Lodge No. 229, Rochester, has been appointed District Deputy Grand Master for District 47. Sam is married to Judith Spanos and is First Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor for Merrill Lynch. At the presentation, he was inspired by the oration on the history of the position of District Deputy Grand Master, and the dynamic charge presented by Thomas K. Sturgeon, R.W.S.G.W. To help him remember the presentation, his Worshipful Master's children video-recorded the evening and created a DVD of it for him. Calling on his 27 years with Merril Lynch, Bro. Spanos looks forward to bringing some of his professional practices to his duties.

District 54
Brother Paul J. Roup, Past Master of Plum Creek-Monroeville No. 799, Pittsburgh, has been appointed District Deputy Grand Master for District 54. "P.J." is married to Gail Roup and is owner of The Roup Insurance Agency and Dreamscape Video Productions. Bro. Roup, in remembering his presentation, recalls that, "it took me a week to come down from the high" and noted that in his installation remarks he thanked his wife Gail for "allowing me to dream without limits." He also explained the Craft to non-members present by noting that, "As Freemasons, we seek to make this room and hundreds like it around the globe, an island of tolerance in an intolerant world."

District Deputy Grand Masters Workshop is Informative & Fun!

Bro. John D. Ream, District Deputy Grand Master for District 41, and his wife, Barbara, listen during the presentations.
The annual District Deputy Workshop was held Jan. 5-7, 2007, at the Masonic Conference Center in Elizabethtown, Pa. The purpose of the event is to educate and update District Deputy Grand Masters about Grand Lodge policies and procedures and Membership Services, as well as the services offered through the Masonic Villages, the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation, the Masonic Temple/ The Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania and the Masonic Charities Fund.

The deputies' ladies were invited to be part of the program so they could better understand what role they can play in providing support.

In addition to the extensive informative sessions, the attendees enjoyed some social time, including square dancing and/or entertainment after dinner, and a special program and activities for the ladies.

Bro. Edward R. Stein, District Deputy Grand Master for District 7, and his wife, Lorna, dance while Bro. Glenn R. Krugle, Jr., District Deputy Grand Master for District 37, and his wife, Marsha, clap along.

Bro. Jeff A. Biddle, District Deputy Grand Master for District 49, and his wife, Susan, dance alongside Bro. David W. Morgans, District Deputy Grand Master for District 57, and his wife, Leslie.

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