Volume LIIIMay 2006Number 2

Masonic Village News

Home of Dick and Sally Brown

If you buy into the adage that you get out of life what you put into it, you understand why Bro. Dick and Sally Brown are living life to its fullest. Since moving here from Titusville, Pa., in September 2005, the Browns have filled their calendar with the numerous activities and events taking place at the Village. According to Bro. Dick, "We didn't look at other options; there was no point to it. We immediately knew that Masonic Village at Sewickley was the type of quality community that we were looking for."

Bro. Dick is a native of Titusville, where he is Past Master of Lodge 754. He worked in management for a steel company and was quite active in various civic organizations. Sally is originally from New York and stayed busy raising their three children. She also held a variety of part-time positions, specializing in payroll and finance. After retiring, the Browns started a second career in the antique business, filling their large, 13-room home with beautiful collectibles.

"You can accumulate a lot of memories and possessions during 52 years of marriage," Sally said. After much measuring and planning, and with the skepticism of professional movers, the Browns were able to fit much of their furniture and cherished keepsakes into their lovely and spacious apartment.

Now that the Browns have settled into their new home, Sally shares, "I would advise people to make this move, the sooner the better. The lifestyle is so carefree... there are no worries and it is a very relaxing life." Bro. Dick added, "We could have stayed in our own home, but as happens in many situations, our social opportunities were becoming more limited." Bro. Dick and Sally jumped right in and have become active in swimming and working out, bridge group, woodworking and volunteering as open house tour guides and at the information desk.

Now that Masonic Village is nearly 90 percent full, the Browns are thankful they moved in before a waiting list is established. They are also thankful for the financial benefits that the lifecare concept at Sewickley provides. If you would like to attend the May 25 or June 27 open houses, please call 1-866-872-0664 to register. The presentation begins at 10 a.m. Personal tours are also provided Monday through Friday.

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