Volume LIIIMay 2006Number 2

Has YOUR Lodge Planned a Widows Program Yet?
If not, check out these great programs some fellow Brethren have implemented ...

A Valentine's Wish...

On Feb. 12, four members of the Zembo Shrine Clown Unit delivered silk roses to every female resident in the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown's assisted living and nursing areas to celebrate Valentine's Day. That's over 400 silk roses! While not all the women were widows, all of them enjoyed the antics and well wishes the Brethren brought them that day. This is the third year that the unit has remembered the women in this fashion.

Dear R.W. Grand Master Aungst:

I was reading the January 2006 issue of The Pennsylvania Freemason and noticed the article titled, "Remember Our Widows." I want to tell you that Melita Lodge No. 295 in Philadelphia is doing just that. My husband, Douglas C. Schaefer, was killed in an accident last summer, leaving behind our two daughters and myself. Melita is not close enough for the members to physically help, but they sent me a generous check to help with chores Doug would be doing himself.

I want you to know that there are many caring Masons in Pennsylvania.

Alison Schaefer
Swiftwater, PA

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