Volume LIIIMay 2006Number 2

Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation News
Who Cares? DeMolays Do!

Anyone who has been a DeMolay can tell you, DeMolay is a lot of fun. But it's not just about having a good time, it's also about making a difference. Here are just a few ways PA DeMolay makes a difference through serving others:

DeMolay Chapters serve their local communities.

Community service projects such as trash pick-up, washing police and emergency vehicles and participating in the set-up and tear-down of community events have already been an important part of the program for one of PA's newest Chapters: Freedom Chapter, serving Christiana and Quarryville.

DeMolay service extends beyond the local community.

DeMolays in New Castle Builders Chapter were among the first to respond to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort, joining their community in packing up relief supplies for affected areas. To date, PA DeMolay Chapters have contributed over $5,000 to the effort, through the Masonic Service Association. New Castle Builders Chapter is also a newly-instituted Chapter.

DeMolays give within the Masonic family as well.

During their trip to the 2005 Inaugural festivities, PA DeMolay presented a check for $1,000 to the George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association in honor of the late Association President W. Scott Stoner, R.W.P.G.M. and former DeMolay Advisor. They made the presentation in front of the statue of Washington originally donated by DeMolay International.

DeMolays "chip in" on existing Masonic projects.

Members of Somerton Chapter (Woodside) are just a few of the DeMolays who have helped to staff Child Identification Program (CHIP) events. CHIP trainings are frequently held at PA DeMolay events, and fully 1/3 of PA Chapters have already volunteered their time for this important program. CHIP coordinators will tell you that youth involvement is a tremendous asset to the program.

DeMolays are committed to planned charitable giving.

Since 1999, Elizabethtown Chapter has been a generous supporter of a local 32° Masonic Learning Center for Children, the official charity of PA DeMolay, hosting major fundraisers each year to support the cause. They're not the only ones; since 1999, PA Chapters have given more than $35,000 to local centers and the national program helping children with dyslexia.

DeMolays comfort with their presence, not just money.

Members of Friendship-Bray Chapter (Jenkintown) brightened the day of some Masonic Village residents with an impromptu visit during the holiday season. Throughout the year, many Chapters make similar visits to the Masonic Villages of Pennsylvania and to various other retirement communities, homes and hospitals.

So, with all the needs in the world around us, who cares? Isn't it obvious? DeMolays do!

Members of New Castle Builders Chapter, along with members of New Castle Rainbow Assembly, helped gather relief supplies for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Members of Elizabethtown Chapter prepare a spaghetti dinner held to raise funds for the Lancaster Valley A.S.S.R. Masonic Learning Center.

Members of Freedom Chapter participate in a local highway clean-up project.

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