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Masonic Blood Donor Club

The Masonic Blood Donor Club is part of the Masonic Blood and Organ Donor Committee of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. Though not a blood bank, we do protect our members by replacing blood when needed. Our main focus is to encourage blood donations by Masons, their friends and families for the good of their community.

Membership is open to Pennsylvania Masons and members of our ladies' and our youth organizations. Membership protects a Brother, his wife and dependent children (IRS rules). If a Brother dies, his wife retains his membership. Widows of Pennsylvania Masons are encouraged to join without the usual blood donation. No proof of donation is necessary; a Brother's word will suffice.

To join, simply donate a unit of blood to the American Red Cross or any of the many blood collection centers in Pennsylvania or out of state. Donations given at work or church qualify as well. After a donation - fill in a NEW MEMBER FORM (available on the Grand Lodge web site at: www.pagrandlodge.org/programs/donor/formnewm.pdf). A membership card will be mailed. There is no cost to join, and yearly dues have been waived for the past 16 years because of the generosity of our members and their Lodges.

Someone who donates on a regular basis, or anyone, Mason or not, may be a substitute donor for someone eligible for membership who cannot give.

If your Lodge, Valley or Shrine wants to set up a Bloodmobile or participate in a Bloodmobile with your local church, school or business, please contact Norman A. Fox at normfox@aol.com for information on who to contact.

If you were hospitalized and needed a transfusion, you would certainly expect the blood to be available. But, did you ever stop to think about who is responsible for supplying blood for you? The Red Cross does not supply blood - nor do hospitals. Only people can produce and supply blood for other people. Giving blood is a simple thing to do. It takes about 30 minutes and is no big deal for the donor. But it is a very big deal for the person on the receiving end of the transfusion.

Pennsylvania Masonic Organ Donor Program

The Pennsylvania Masonic Organ Donor Program is an example of R.W. Grand Master Aungst's theme of Masons helping their fellow man. This program is an extension of the Masons' history of helping others. The Masonic Organ Donor program is designed for a two-fold purpose:

  1. To provide educational materials about the need for organ donation
  2. To enlist Masons and their families to become organ donors

Over 80,000 Americans are currently waiting for an organ transplant. The need far surpasses the available supply of organs. Many people will die this year simply because an organ was not available for them.

How do we help?

We, as Masons, should consider the opportunity to help our fellow man. Each donor can save the lives of several individuals. Think of the possibilities if each of us would sign an organ donor card!

How do we accomplish this?

The procedure is very simple. Sign an organ donor card! In addition, it is imperative that your next of kin knows of your wishes. When we pass from this earth, our next of kin must give permission for us to donate our organs. By becoming an organ donor, even in our death we are able to give life to others.

Organ donor cards should be available at each Lodge meeting, banquet, etc. Invite a guest speaker to talk about organ donation. Encourage all members to sign the organ donor card.

Please consider this worthy program. If you need additional information or materials, please contact:

Rick Knepper
1461 Hospitality Drive
Chambersburg, PA 17201
Phone: (717) 263-1189

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