Volume LIIIMay 2006Number 2

Want Your Very Own Piece of Pennsylvania Masonic History?
Introducing... the Tun Tavern Commemorative Sculpture!

Own your very own miniature version of the first meeting place of Pennsylvania Freemasons, complete with miniature figures of Bro. Ben Franklin and the Grand Master standing on the front steps of the Tun Tavern. The base is handcrafted by the Brethren of the Rooster's Corner woodshop at the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown.

You can purchase your Tun Tavern Commemorative Sculpture through the Grand Lodge Gift Shop for $69.95.

At the June Quarterly ONLY, a limited quantity of Tun Tavern Commemorative Sculptures will be available at a special reduced price of $50.00 (plus, avoid shipping costs!)

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