Volume LIIIMay 2006Number 2

Taking the Safety of Our Communities' Children into our Own Hands
The Masonic CHIP Program is Expanding Across the State

The Masonic CHIP Program has continued its success across the state, and numerous Lodges have CHIP'd away at crime by identifying more children in their communities and providing the critical information to their parents for safekeeping.

Members of Lodge No. 9, Philadelphia, celebrated their 225th Anniversary last year and presented R.W.P.G.M William Slater II with a generous $100,000 donation: $32,000 of which was given to sponsor the Masonic CHIP Gala, $68,000 to purchase two vans for the Masonic Children's Home and more than $17,000 in scholarships.

While some Lodges are providing financial support, others are lending their time. Of course, both are vital to maintaining and growing the program.

St. John's Lodge No. 260, Carlisle, got involved almost 20 months ago.

"The response to the program started out slowly, but with perseverence, interest in the program gathered steam and moved ahead," said Bro. Chester Raudabaugh, CHIP Coordinator for District 3. "Our Brothers and some of their wives assisted in the program. We worked with day care centers, church schools, public schools, at church festivals and during the Yellow Breeches EMS program for the community."

In June 2005, during Jubilee Day in Mechanicsburg, members of St. John's Lodge taught Brethren of Eureka Lodge No. 302, Mechanicsburg, how to run the program and process the paperwork. Together, with two cameras and seven hours of dedicated teamwork, the Brethren processed about 325 children. As of February 2006, St. John's Lodge had CHIP'd 2,253 children, not including the Mechanicsburg event.

If you or your Lodge would like to get involved, please contact the District Deputy Grand Master of your Masonic District. In order to provide the program materials and cameras to the scheduled sites as needed, it is essential that all requests for CHIP Program dates be submitted through the local District Deputy Grand Master.

The CHIP Team will coordinate the gathering of people, materials, supplies and cameras to be sent to each CHIP event to maximize the number of events that can be supported. They will also arrange for training of key local volunteers, press releases, internet promotion, the creation of customized posters and flyers, and may also assist in locating volunteers to work with multilingual populations.

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