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Searching our Website

The website of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania now includes over 3780 pages of information about the Masonic Fraternity in Pennsylvania. Some of the material located is of a promotional nature, and has little longevity, but the vast majority is information that can be used for years to come. Some of the material is not easily indexed or found, even though our new Home Page makes it easier to get where you want to go.

Using the small Search window on the home page is the fastest way to find something you need to know right away. This will not search the entire internet-- it will limit results to the Pennsylvania Masonic Family of websites, including the Grand Lodge of PA, Pennsylvania DeMolay, Rainbow and Job's Daughters, and any Lodge or appendant body whose website is hosted on our server. This will return a number of relevant searches, ranked in order of their likely value to your purpose, based on the criteria you originally entered. For instance, you will find 57 references to CHIP, 25 references to Sturgis, and 14 for Mini Grand Prix. The top 5 search strings or word combinations most often entered, and the results returned, are "masonic temple" (276), "penny" (15), "masonic" (2086), "masonic lodge" (94), and "masonic village" (428.) Obviously, the more specific your search criteria, the closer you will come to what you are seeking. A recent search string that became popular after the release of the film, National Treasure, is "declaration of independence" (10).

webThere is another important search technique you should know. Sometimes you will end up on a very long page on a website, scanning it visually for a specific word or a phrase. You can accomplish this task much easier by pressing the Control Key and the letter "F" at the same time, and then filling in the specific word or phrase you are trying to find. If it is on the page, this search function, which is found in most software, will take you directly to the word or phrase sought.

A quick way around the website is to choose a specific area from the many links now provided on the new home page design. If you are just interested in finding what is newly posted, or has undergone major revisions, click on the WHAT'S NEW HERE link on the left. This will give you a quick link to new stories, photos, or modules of information added within the past year.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for, you can always ask a member of the Committee on Internet Services to help you. You can find them listed under the Credits link at the bottom of the home page.

Following these simple tips can make your Masonic Internet experience more helpful and more user-friendly! Happy surfing!

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