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tallGrand Master Made Tall Cedar at Sight

At a Class named in his honor, the R.W. Grand Master, William Slater II was made a Tall Cedar at Sight by the Supreme Tall Cedar, A. Ralph Horlbeck. The ceremonies took place in Wa-Cha-Gree Forest No. 149 in Washington, PA. At the same class the Supreme Tall Cedar, himself, was made an Honorary member of Syria Temple. Class members are pictured with the Local, District and National officers who officiated at the Class.

1st row l-r) Christopher Clark; S. Timothy Warco II; W. Frank Pryor, Supreme Director Region 6; Habibolah K. Talebi; James W. Snider; H.L. "Sammy" Knappenberger, Jr., Grand Tall Cedar, Wa-Cha-Gree Forest No. 149. (2nd row l-r) Donald King; Robert L. Clifford; Robert L. Clifford III; James Erlinger; Ellis P. Updegraff, Jr., Past Supreme Tall Cedar. (3rd row l-r) William Raymond Bosley, Supreme Deputy Tall Cedar; A. Ralph Horlbeck, Supreme Tall Cedar; William Slater II, R.W. Grand Master; William F. Shultz, Junior Deputy Supreme Tall Cedar.

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