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Building on Faith and a Vision...
Masonic Village at Sewickley

sewWhen prospective residents visited Masonic Village back in 2001, all they could see was a lot of mud, a couple of fields and some trees. "It was difficult to visualize back then, since all we could look at were a few drawings," said Ed Beaman, who, along with his wife, Catherine, reside at Masonic Village. "Since I have been involved in construction projects, I may have had a advantage."

What a difference a few years can make! Now Masonic Village stands as one of the premier retirement communities in Western Pennsylvania. Nearly full capacity, the community has been nationally recognized for its architectural design and construction technique.

When the Beamans help lead tours at the village's monthly open houses, they like to share that coming to Masonic Village was originally a gift to their children."We plan to live long, happy and healthy lives at Masonic Village, but if something does happen to our health down the road, our children are never going to be burdened with searching for quality care - it's all here!" Catherine said. "We view it as taking responsibility for our lives." The Beamans know about quality care since Catherine's mother, Agnes Combs, spent her final years living at the community's nursing facility, Valley Care Masonic Center.

sewcpnNow, as the beautifully landscaped campus greets new prospects daily, the ability to envision the future is no longer necessary. The future is here, and those early pioneers who visited the construction trailer could not be more pleased. "We knew that we had to plan for our futures, and we had faith in the Masonic Villages organization," Ed added. "The fact that this is a lifecare community is just icing on the cake."

You owe it to yourself to visit Masonic Village at Sewickley and tour the campus. Call the Marketing team today at 1-866-872-0664 or print this page, complete and mail the coupon.

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