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rwgs2Brethren, we are sure that all of you reviewed the February 2005 issue of the Freemason and saw that 26 of our Masonic Lodges met the R. W. Grand Master's 10% increase Membership Goal for 2004 (to review this article click here). Please remember that this was established by the membership total of each Masonic Lodge as of the beginning of the 2004 Masonic Year.

When all our lodge statistics were presented for publishing in the 2004 Grand Lodge Proceedings (to be distributed during the month of July), a review of these statistics determined that, although not meeting the 10% Goal, 176 Masonic Lodges had a gain in membership, and 29 lodges equaled their membership from the previous year. Many of our Masonic Lodges narrowed the gap between Initiations and Deaths of its members, but as we all know deaths of our members are currently taking their toll. Many of the recent deceased members were part of the influx membership increase we experienced just after World War II and unfortunately we are experiencing our Brethren being called to their reward by God.

As we are all looking forward to the Man to Mason II One Day class and hope that you will support and participate on the dates during October and November. Your District Deputy Grand Master and Lodge Officers selected the dates because this year the One Day Class is being conducted at the District level. We are providing these dates for the One Day Class with this issue of the Freemason. If your candidate cannot attend one class, he may elect to receive the degrees in another class.

Please do your best to make this "Sharing the Light" event a success as only you can make this happen.

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