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Brethren! You DID make it happen


There's never been a better time to show your pride in being a Pennsylvania Freemason than NOW!

Our great fraternity has never been stronger. The Man-to-Mason One Day Adventure last year was the most successful membership initiative program that the Grand Lodge has implemented in 42 years, and it showed that there are many men out there who want to be Masons.

This year, each district will choose a weekend in October or November to host a membership class (click here). Brethren, I urge you to take advantage of these one-day opportunities to share the gift of membership with deserving men. Remember, men will join our ranks if they see someone in YOU whom they respect, admire and appreciate ­ someone who, by example, inspires them to want to be better.

Use the ASK! brochure in talking about Freemasonry and passing it on to others which you feel would be an asset to our Fraternity.

When I see and hear about all of the wonderful things our Brethren are doing in their communities on behalf of Pennsylvania Freemasonry, it makes me proud to be your Grand Master and renews my commitment to this great fraternity. Your enthusiasm is contagious. If we work as a team to share our passion for Freemasonry, the possibilities are endless.

Brethren, look in the mirror. How brightly does YOUR light shine? Is it brilliant enough to change a life, impact the world around us? For many of you, the answer is a resounding "Yes!" and I congratulate you on your commitment to Sharing the Light within your lodges, families and communities.

The Masonic CHIP program is just one example of how we are making a difference in our world. Lately it seems every time you turn on the news there is another story about another child being abducted, molested or killed. The only good news that counters these horror stories is that Pennsylvania Freemasons, along with many of our Brethren across the nation, are standing up to these predators by arming parents and children with tools that can protect the innocent should they ever become lost or abducted. In partnership with the Crime Prevention Association of Pennsylvania, we have IDed more than 100,000 youth so far, and at least that many are scheduled to be CHIP'd this year. If you want to be part of the solution, join your fellow Brethren in supporting the Masonic CHIP program with your time and your finances. To those of you who have responded to our request for volunteers to implement the program, THANK YOU! If you haven't answered the call yet, our hard-working volunteers still need more help. Together, we can make our communities safer places to live, work and play.

Do you care about the future of Pennsylvania Freemasonry, or are you relying on someone else to make it happen? Your attitude almost always determines your altitude in life. If you set your goals high, they may be more difficult to reach but you will attain greater feats than if you set your aspirations low to prevent disappointment. We thought that IDing 50,000 youth last year was a lofty goal, but through teamwork we almost doubled it! This year, we set our goal much higher, and I am confident that we will not only reach it, but exceed it.

The success of this program shows that a positive attitude causes a reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst that creates extraordinary results and a spark that burns into a brilliant torch. Share the Light with your family and friends and begin lighting the path for others so they, too, can experience our Brotherhood of dedicated charitable men. Help make someone's life a little brighter because YOU are a Pennsylvania Freemason!

Periodically, I have the privilege of celebrating lodge anniversaries and bestowing 50-Year Emblems of Gold on our senior members. These events are such an honor because they are a testament to the strength and endurance of the Craft over hundreds of years. I also have the opportunity to meet many of the young men and women of our youth groups and the new members who have joined our ranks over the past year, who represent our promise and our future. Freemasonry will continue to grow if we maintain our strong heritage and traditions while evolving to include the interests and needs of new generations.

Brethren, I love the Fraternity, and I believe in the membership and the great things we can accomplish. Believe in yourselves!

William Slater II
R. W. Grand Master


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