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Outreach Program Seeks Attorneys to Provide Direction through Legal Assistance

out-cpA substantial number of people who contact the Masonic Outreach Program need legal advice and either are not sure how to obtain it or are not financially able to pay for counsel.

In response, the Outreach Program has teamed up with several attorneys across the state. Together, they are in the preliminary stages of coordinating a panel of attorneys who will be available to give direction to distressed Brethren, their spouses, widows and others who are unable to retain counsel. Individuals needing legal advice with the ability to retain counsel will be referred to the attorneys on the panel who may be able to be of assistance.

How Will it Work?

Calls will be received and initially screened through the Outreach Program and then referred to an attorney of the panel based on area of specialty and region of the state.

What Can YOU DO?

Initial, we need attorneys who are members of the fraternity, Eastern Star or family and friends of the Masonic Villages to seriously consider becoming a charter member of this new and exciting venture to serve those in need of legal assistance. Attorneys must be properly licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania to be enrolled in the program. A committee will be formed of volunteer attorneys wanting to help shape the program, including creating guidelines and operating procedures.

Which Specialties are Needed?

We are looking for general practice attorneys and attorneys in all specialities, including, but not limited to:
Foreclosure and Real Estate
Employment Law
Commercial Transactions
Social Security and Disability
Insurance and Benefits
Wills and Estate
Personal Injury

Interest in learning more or volunteering to be part of the exciting new venture? Please print this page and return the completed coupon to: Masonic Outreach Program, Masonic VIllage, One Masonic Drive, Elizabethtown, PA 17022

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