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ChipLogoby Ed Miles, DDGM at Large

It is my pleasure to update you on the progress of one of the most exciting programs that has ever been launched by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. Brother William Slater II, R. W. Grand Master, has provided every member of this fraternity, their family, friends, and neighbors the opportunity to protect every child in Pennsylvania.

Thirty thousand kids were protected in the first three months of this year alone. Demand is increasing and we are working hard to address the issues of this growth. We ask you to invite others to go to the Grand Lodge website and see the CHIP section. All CHIP events for the state are listed there. We are adding new information to help you hold successful events.

The Foundation is working hard to insure the quality of the program. On April 20, 2005, a meeting was held with our partners, the Crime Prevention Association of Pennsylvania, and a representative of the Pennsylvania State Police, who is involved in the Amber Alert system. Our approach in this review was to make sure we were producing an effective kit ­ useful for the recovery of children while meeting our obligation of cost control.

During this meeting, the kit was reviewed. Improvements were discussed. We received valuable insight from the Pennsylvania State Police. The recommendations offered are being reviewed right now for implementation. Please continue to use the current process until we finalize the improvements. The process we use is very good but we are going to make it BETTER.

On April 29, 2005, Brother Raymond Brown, Executive Director, and I met with the faculty at the College of Communications at Boston University.

Boston University has an award winning Communications program and is one of the top ranked schools in the nation. Their PR lab group and advertising lab group produce professional work used by major corporations which is seen everyday on television, heard on radio, and seen on billboards and newsprint.

The Communications Department faculty has offered to review CHIP with us. If they accept us as a project, they will provide the same professional level of PR and advertising for which major corporations pay large sums of money. The difference being that their talent will be provided to us for free. Work on our program would begin in the fall for the next semester. Their expertise covers a broad range of mediums.

The success of this program, in the format that we have produced in Pennsylvania, is recognized by Grand Lodges outside of our jurisdiction. The Grand Lodge of Washington D.C. and other Grand Lodges are discussing with us about using our system to protect children in their areas. We talk about how good our program is but our talk cannot compare to the acceptance by others outside our jurisdiction.

Thank you Brethren for working with us to make this program successful.

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