Allison Stains crowned Miss Job's Daughter


The Thirty-Sixth Annual Miss Job's Daughter Pageant was held on Saturday, April 2nd at the Freemasons Cultural Center in Elizabethtown, PA. There were 16 candidates competing for the title and the responsibility to represent the organization for the next 12 months. A panel of judges conducts extensive interviews, and the girls complete a variety of tests to determine who is best prepared to speak in public and lead their peers in promoting Job's Daughters.

In the photograph, Allison Stains of Chambersburg, wearing the crown, sash and red cape of Miss Job's Daughter, and Christi Miller of Elizabethtown, Miss Congeniality, stand with an honor guard consisting of nine District Deputy Grand Masters who escorted all of the girls during the ceremonies. Miss Stains is the daughter of Bro. John Stains, DDGM of District 3, standing at the far right in the photograph. This pageant raises money for a scholarship fund to assist the academic achievement of members of Pennsylvania Job's Daughter Bethels.

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