hodHODEGOS Awards

Recognizing the outstanding efforts of volunteers for the Masonic Youth Groups in Pennsylvania, the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce the creation of the HODEGOS Award. Administered by the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation, the HODEGOS Award, (pronounced HAH-DAY-GOSS) will recognize truly outstanding adult leaders of the youth programs, and will create further awareness of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania's extensive support of our Masonic Youth.

The award takes its named from a Greek word hodegos, meaning "a leader, a guide and an instructor of the inexperienced." It will be awarded to volunteers who have a minimum of seven years of service to a Rainbow Girl Assembly, a Job's Daughter Bethel or a DeMolay Chapter in Pennsylvania. The Masonic Youth Leader Recognition Committee was appointed by the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation to develop the criteria and regalia for this award, and to select the Charter Class of youth volunteers who set the standard for all future nominations.

The award consists of a solid gold oval pin, or necklace charm drop, bearing the word, hodegos, written in Greek. It's simplicity and uniqueness is designed to be elegant and eye-catching, so that recipients will wear it in their daily activities. It is intended that they will have the opportunity to explain the youth program sponsored by the Grand Lodge when the inevitable question about it comes.

The Committee, made up of representatives of each youth group, recommended five volunteers from each group, distinguished for their long years and high quality of service to Masonic Youth. These were enthusiastically approved by vote of the entire Board of Directors. It should be no surprise that some of these recipients are members of that Board-- they were appointed to it by the Grand Master for good reason. The Board then unanimously voted to add its own selection to the list. The 2005 Charter Class for the Hodegos Award is:
Bro. David W. Berry, DeMolay
Mrs. Dolores Ehrenfeld, Rainbow
Bro. Robert L. Engel, DeMolay
Bro. William M. Glose, III, DeMolay
Bro. Richard Hall, Job's Daughters
Mrs. Sara Hall, Job's Daughters
Mrs. Eugenia Harcar, Rainbow
Mrs. Ruth Hodge, Rainbow
Mrs. Beryl L. Hogue, Rainbow
Mrs. Rebecca Hubley, Job's Daughters
Bro. Thomas R. Labagh, Pa. Youth Foundation
Mrs. Nancy Morris, Job's Daughters
Mr. Joseph Preletz, DeMolay
Mrs. Donna Salazar, Rainbow
Mrs. Donna Taylor, Job's Daughters
Bro. Samuel C. Williamson, DeMolay

Beginning in July, nominations will be accepted from the youth groups for the 2006 Class. A maximum of two volunteers per organization will be selected annually. The Masonic Youth Leader Recognition Committee will review the nominations. Their selection will be based upon the record of service provided by the nominees to the youth groups, and testimonial letters submitted as part of the nomination process. At least one of these letters must come from the youth members themselves. Full details on the nomination procedure will be given to the youth groups in June.

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