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caltagThe Gold Book & Philathropic Society

The best kept secret of Freemasonry is located at One North Broad Street in Philadelphia.

Experience the mysteries of the Masonic Temple with the magnificent architecture. Every detail was designed and is maintained to preserve our ancient heritage as builders ­ once of grand structures ­ now of high character.

Walk through the splendid corridors and majestic Lodge Halls and be awed by their grandeur. An impressive collection of oil paintings. Statuary stained glass, murals and exquisite furnishings enhance the richness of the interior.

Many of the items found in the museum are as much a part of American History as they are Masonic History. Notable pieces in the collection include the 'apron' of Brother & General George Washington. The sash of Brother Benjamin Franklin, who served as Grand Master of Pennsylvania, and the portrait of Brother & General Andrew Jackson.

The seven elegant halls in the Masonic Temple are, Egyptian, Renaissance, Oriental, Corinthian, Ionic, Norman and Gothic. The Grand entrance gate to the temple is formed by wide portals from North Broad Street opening into a Norman porch. The imposing doors of the Grand entrance gate are each seventeen feet high, seven feet wide and six inches thick. The doors are ornamented with beautiful Norman decorations in keeping with the porch.

This is why we must continue to support the Gold Book and Philanthropic Societies by being very generous. Donations from both individuals and Lodges are welcome. You can donate yearly, monthly or weekly. Please call me if you have any questions at 610-777-7549 or e-mail me at

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