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blums1Why Did the Blums Move to Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill?

"I don't have to cook or clean anymore," Marion Blum says with a smile. Her husband, Perry, a member of Lodge No. 9. likes to tell people that he takes his wife out to dinner every night - at the dining room, where they enjoy scrumptious chef-prepared meals.

The Blums moved to Retirement Living in January 1998 and remain very active. THey both volunteer in the village's gift ship, in the recreation area and in the nursing center, and Mrs. Blum has been a volunteer at The Franklin Institute for the last 13 years. Working out in the wellness center keeps them fit, and Bro. Perry enjoys bowling at the in-house bowling alley.

A true handy man, Bro. Perry enjoys working with ham radios and is involved with a ham radio club that meets at the Masonic Village. He is also sought out by fellow residents who want help from their in-house "fix-it man," as he has a knack for repairing watches and electrical equipment.

For more than seven years, the Blums have enjoyed happy, fulfilling lives at the Masonic Village. They have the time to continue their hobbies they love, since they no longer have home maintenance concerns. They don't need to worry about health care security either, since the community offers assisted living and nursing services, would they ever need them.

blum2Throughout the beautiful campus, residents enjoy additional amenities, such as the walking trail, billiards, putting green, computer lab, ceramics and art classes, woodworking, auditorium for live entertainment, intergenerational programs, trips and worship services.

To experience your retirement years the way they're meant to be, call the Marketing Office today at (610) 828-5760. You too, can trade in your pots, pans and cleaning supplies fro chef-prepared meals and recreation!

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