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Cedar Lodge No. 800 in Grove City recently conferred the third degree on the third generation of the Speer family. Pictured above is his Grandfather Bro. John B. Speer, PM who conferred the first degree; Bro. Jeffrey Allen Speer, newly raised Master Mason, and his Father Bro. Kenneth W. Speer, PM, who conferred the second degree. Not pictured is Bro. David M. Minarik, PM, who conferred the third degree. Bro. John B. Speer, PM, was initiated on March 15, 1985. Bro. Kenneth W. Speer, PM, was initiated on November 11, 1985. Bro. Jeffrey A. Speer was initiated on October 11, 2004. Cedar Lodge No. 800 has now merged with Grove City Lodge No. 603 Which makes Bro. Jeffrey Speer the last member to be raised in Cedar Lodge No. 800.

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