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asc10Bro. Michael Shawn Hardy received all three degrees by special dispensation from the RWGM Bro. William Slater II on January 15, 2005. Brother Hardy was leaving for his tour of duty with the US Army in Iraq the following week. (l-r) Bro. Kevin J. Leondi, P.M., who conferred the EA Masons degree. Bro. Michael Shawn Hardy, Bro. Mark A. Burrowbridge, W.M. who conferred the Master Masons Degree, Bro. Shawn A. Fuller, P.M., who conferred the Fellowcraft Masons degree. Back row: Bro. Elwood E. Davidson, P.M., S.W., Bro. Peter R. Treinble, P.M., Guide and Bro. David M. Troutman, J.W.

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