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Sam R. Aungst, W.M. Ivy Lodge No. 397


The 'S' in Sam also stands for Service. Sam's adult life has been dedicated to Service to Country, Community, Freemasonry and Family.

bulletHe has served two 1-year terms in service to our Country with the Air National Guard: 2001-2 in Oman, also in 2003-4 in Iraq.

bulletHis daily job is in service to his Community as a Firefighter for the City of Williamsport.

bulletHe now serves Freemasonry as Worshipful Master of Ivy Lodge No. 397 in Williamsport.

bulletHe and his wife Sara are the proud parents of their 6 year old son Warren.

Ed Note: Bro. Aungst was inadvertently omitted from District 18 listing of Lodges and Worshipful Masters in the last issue of the Pennsylvania Freemason. We apologize to Ivy Lodge No. 397 and to Bro. Aungst.

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