makeThe Making of a Mason in One Day
Petition Procedure The Easy Way . . .

Initiating of Petition (or how to get a new candidate)

* Use the new ASK brochure in the printed issue of the Pennsylvania Freemason.
* Call the Petition Hotline at 1-800-990-1935 ­ the petition will be completed by phone.
* Pay by credit card if desired (Hotline Only)
* Answer all questions when asked: 32° and Shrine 'yes' answers will be communicated to those respective offices for further action.
* Hotline Petition is electronically forwarded to Lodge Secretary who reads it in Lodge or at a Special Meeting.
* Lodge investigating committee interviews candidate (can be done by phone if distance is too great to travel).
* Lodge votes on petition.
* Candidate reports for degrees on Saturday, October 2 at the designated venue. Grand Secretary's office will provide necessary directions and credentials.

Questions & Answers

Q. Do I have to use a special petition or can I use any petition I may have?
A. Any petition will do if you do not have a special petition.

Q. My son lives in Philadelphia. Can he join my Lodge and receive the degrees at another venue.
A. Yes.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Each Lodge fee is different, the person answering the phone at the 1-800-990-1935 number has a listing of all of the Lodges in Pennsylvania and can tell you the fee.

Q. How much is the Scottish Rite 32° and Shrine fees?
A. Scottish Rite fee is $100.00 and the Shrine fee is also $100.00.

Q. Am I responsible for instructing my candidate?
A. No. Each candidate at the One Day Class will be assigned a 'mentor' who will be in charge of him for the day. You however, as a recommender, should be present to assist.

Q. When is the deadline for petitions?
A. Deadline for petitions being submitted to the Lodge, read, investigated and voted on, and in the Grand Secretaries office, and all paper work completed, is September 15, 2004.

Q. Can my son, who lives out of state, become a PA Mason?
A. Yes. The Secretary of the Lodge should follow the procedure for waver of jurisdiction in the Secretary's Manual (sec. 4-35, 4-36).For procedure in States other than, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, or Ohio, call the Grand Secreatry's office for instructions.

Q. My grandson (or son) becomes 18 this year but after the one-day class. Can I get a dispensation?
A. Yes. Have the Lodge Secretary request a dispensation tthrough the District Deputy Grand Master to the R.W. Grand Master.



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