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An Open Letter to the Craft:

What are you doing as a Freemason to insure the future of our Fraternity? We as Freemasons have been taught, and we have learned, that we can always depend on one another ­ a Brother can always rely on another Brother to offer the necessary aid and assistance that might be required. Throughout our many years as a Fraternity, there have been many opportunities and programs that required our support. In most cases, this assistance could be given by the Officers of the Lodge, or through the financial efforts of our Lodge Trustees. But this year, my Brethren, we face an opportunity of positive change that will require the daily efforts of every member ­ every Mason in this Lodge and every Mason throughout this Jurisdiction.

The Man to Mason ­ One Day Class Membership Program is so important ­ so vital ­ to the future of our Fraternity, that every Mason in Pennsylvania must become an active participant in this process. Every Brother, right now, knows of three, four, or more men that would make good Masons ­ quality men ­ in your families ­ in your houses of worship ­ in your places of employment or your places of business ­ your neighbors or within your circle of friends ­ you know good men, who would continue to build and work as members of our great Fraternity.

You were asked by the Grand Master to make a list of men and to talk with them about Freemasonry. Have all of you done this? Have you had a discussion with these men about the Fraternity ­ or are you depending on another Brother to complete this task? Many of your Brethren throughout Pennsylvania are doing just that ­ Sharing the Light of Masonry with others. But now, Brethren, it is time for you ­ each of you ­ to personally extend the Light of Freemasonry. Without the participation and cooperation of every Mason in this Lodge and in this District, our Fraternity cannot endure. If we remain inactive, will our Fraternity even exist in twenty years? We will no longer be able to perform our great acts of goodwill and charity.

Brethren, our great country and our form of government was founded on the principles of Freemasonry. During the Constitutional Convention, our Past Grand Master and Bro. Benjamin Franklin, looked at a half-sun carved on President and Bro. Washington's chair and said that he had some confidence that it represented a rising sun, and not a setting one, for our country.

Brethren, are we looking at the setting sun of Freemasonry in Pennsylvania? Can we allow the rays of light emanating from our Great Fraternity to become extinguished? Certainly not! Each of us must do our part. Talk with men about our Fraternity and contact Brethren you haven't seen at Lodge. Introduce young people to a Masonic Youth Group. But most importantly: Live Masonry. Be an Ambassador for our Fraternity in your families, in your work place, and in your communities. Let the Light that we sought shine so intensely through you, that nothing will ever extinguish it.

Charles T. Graham, District Deputy Grand Master, District D

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