A Family Affair
asc418 Year Old Raised by Father and Three Uncles

History was made in Crafton Lodge No. 653 when William G. Johnston, Past Master Councilor of Fidelity Chapter, Order of DeMolay, was raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason and became the first 18-year-old to become a member of Lodge 653. The Degree was conferred by his father, Bro. William D. Johnston, PM of Crafton Lodge No. 653.

The station of Senior Warden was filled by Bro. James E. Johnston, PM, and uncle of the candidate. Bro. Robert A. Johnston filled the Junior Warden's station, also a member of Crafton Lodge and uncle of the candidate. Guide work was performed by Dwain A. Johnston, Jr., member of Crafton Lodge and uncle of the candidate.

Also in attendance was Bro. D. William Roberts, DDGM of the forty-seventh Masonic District and close friend of the candidate and his family. Bro. Roberts presented the candidate with a pin, courtesy of the Grand Master.

The candidate was also presented with a ring purchased by his great grandmother for his grandfather, Bro. Dwain A. Johnston, Sr., who presented it, in turn, to his son, Bro. William D. Johnston when he received his third degree and now has been presented to the third generation, Bro. William G. Johnston.

Ed. Note: Bro. William G. Johnston, now 19, is currently serving as Pursuivant of Crafton Lodge No. 653 and has conferred the long Entered Apprentice Mason's Degree in its entirety ­ has learned the second degree and is currently working on the Master Mason's Degree.

Bro. Johnston's father, William D. Johnston, 33°, is Director of Work for the Valley of Pittsburgh.


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