asc2Proud Time for the Taylor Family

Lake Erie Lodge No. 347, Girard, PA set a new record for members from the Taylor Family. On September 17, 2003, Jess R. Taylor, 19, son of PDDGM J. Robert Taylor, received his Master Mason degree from his father who conferred all three degrees.

Bro. Jess followed in the footsteps of several Taylors in Lake Erie Lodge. In addition to his father, his grandfather, the late Bro. John T. Taylor, PM, his great grandfather, the late Bro. Lawrence T. Taylor and his uncle Bro. Thomas Taylor.

Bro. Jess graduated, June 2003 from Fairview High School and is presently a Freshman at the Behrend Campus, Penn State University in Erie.

Bro. Kim Jeffreys, PDDGM and Bro. W. Scott Stoner, RWPGM were in attendance for the conferral.

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