asc14Student Receives Handicap Accessible Desk

The brethren of Henry M. Phillips Lodge No. 337 recently presented Rebecca Sulitz, a fifth grade student in the Bentworth Elementry Center, a handicap accessible desk for her use. This desk is adjustable and will follow Rebecca through school for many years. Rebecca was born without the advantage of having legs, however she attends school daily and is a fine student.

Two 'nonagenarians' from Henry M. Phillips Lodge were instrumental in arranging the presentation of the gift. Bro. Andre Bellicini, a fifty-year member, brought the matter to the attention of the Lodge and a generous contribution from Bro. Gene Evans expedited the purchase of the desk. (Bro. Andre is 92 years young and Bro. Gene is 91).

The warm smile and gratitude shown by Rebecca was the best gift the Lodge had ever received.

Others on hand for the presentation were Bro. Raymond Colosimo, Secretary; Bro. Edsel Burkholder II, JW; Bro. William A. Ball, SW; Bro. James R. Archbold, WM and Bro. Joseph F. Acton, PDDGM, 31st Masonic District.

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