Brethren Act Quickly to Save The Life of Worshipful Master

When the Worshipful Master of Galeton Lodge No. 602 collapsed from an apparent heart attack during the Stated Meeting last Nov. 5, his life was saved by the quick actions of three of the Brethren -- immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), a dash to call 911, and then the paramedics' use of the automated external defibrillator (AED) that the Lodge had donated to the fire company two years earlier.

Gary B. Stahley, D.D.G.M., 17th Masonic District, had just introduced a program recognizing Veterans Day, reflecting on service experiences overseas. When the Worshipful Master (in 2002), Frank Everett, began talking about his experiences, he collapsed as a result of an apparent heart attack. Immediately, Richard B. "Rick" Darrenkamp and Bro. Stahley began CPR while Randall S. "Randy" Goodreau hastened to a neighbor's house to call 911.

Bro. Everett was unconscious and had no pulse. Bro. Darrenkamp, who was S.D. at the time and is now J.W., had been an emergency medical technician (EMT) some years ago. He applied the chest compressions while D.D.G.M. Stahley gave the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. They would get a pulse only to lose it again. That happened several times, yet they continued until the Fire Rescue Paramedics arrived and administered defibrillation ­ the first time that AED unit contributed by the Lodge was used in an emergency situation.

Now, Past Master Everett is doing well after surgery and placement of a pacemaker and said at the March Stated Meeting that he was looking forward to moving to the Masonic Homes at Elizabethtown early in April.
quickAn appreciative Frank Everett, P.M. (center), gathers at the Lodge Hall with the current Worshipful Master, Frederick R. Hollar (second from right), and the three Brethren who saved his life last Nov. 5: (l-r): Randall S. Goodreau, Richard B. Darrenkamp, and Gary B. Stahley, D.D.G.M. Bro. Everett is holding a framed needlepoint Masonic emblem that was made by the Worshipful Master's wife, Jeanette Hollar, and presented to him as a memento by the Lodge.