medallionThe Grand Master's Medallion for 2003

It is traditional for a Grand Master's Medallion to be designed at his direction to identify his administration on the one surface and to reflect history, philosophy and vision for the Fraternity in this Jurisdiction on the reverse.

The Grand Master's Medallion for 2003 is a striking symbol that pays tribute to America's heroic Brethren whose service to their country and their countrymen was carried forth with courage, integrity and distinction. R.W. Grand Master Marvin A. Cunningham, Sr. selected the outstanding Pennsylvania Mason and Civil War General and Brother Winfield Scott Hancock to adorn the Medallion as a hero typifying those attributes.

Grand Master Cunningham explained: "He represents the ideals that Freemasons hold dear and cherish most ­ 'Love of God' and to worship Him as we desire and in any church of our choosing, 'Love of Country' and to serve it to the fullest, and 'Love of Fraternity' and to practice those principles taught by it in taking good men and making them better."

Bro. Hancock was a native of Montgomery County and grew up in the Norristown area near where Grand Master Cunningham now resides. He became a member of Charity Lodge No. 190, Norristown (now in Jeffersonville) in 1859. He was a contemporary Brother in Charity Lodge of another Civil War hero, Gen. and Bro. John Frederick Hartranft.