Golden Opportunities to Preserve Our Heritage!

her·i·tage (her' -tij) n ...1. Property that is or can be inherited: INHERITANCE. 2. Something passed down from preceding generations: TRADITION. 3. The status gained by a person through birth: BIRTHRIGHT <A heritage of wealth and power>
[Webster's II New College Dictionary]

By its very definition, we verify the vitality of preserving the heritage of Freemasonry and the need to pass it from generation to generation in its untarnished magnificence. Our world-renowned Masonic Temple in Philadelphia is a treasure that represents and reflects the traditions and values of nearly three centuries of Freemasonry in Pennsylvania; therefore, endowing that treasure is indeed vital. Passing it along to our Brethren of tomorrow is a Masonic responsibility and a Fraternal tradition.

There is a niche for everyone in "Preserving Our Heritage" at the Masonic Temple in either the Gold Book Society or the Philanthropic Society!

For a donation of $500 or more, your name will be inscribed in "The Gold Book" that will be prominently displayed in the Masonic Temple. Of course, a donation of any amount will be appreciated and for that your name will be listed in the Masonic Temple's official "Gold Book Ledger." Gold Book Society income will be used for ongoing maintenance, repairs, and renovations at the Masonic Temple.

The Philanthropic Society Endowment Fund also welcomes donations of any amount in any form, for which your name will be entered into that Society's Ledger. If your donation is $250,000 or more, your name will be placed on a plaque to be mounted on The Philanthropic Wall to be installed in the Masonic Temple. The donations received by this Society will be put into an endowment fund and no money will be used until there is $10 million in the fund. After that time, only the income from the fund will be used as needed.

To send a donation, address either "The Gold Book Society" or "The Philanthropic Society," c/o The Masonic Temple, One North Broad St., Philadelphia, PA, 19107-2598. For more information, call the Societies at (215) 988-0567 or e-mail