The internet is the perfect medium for building Freemasonry in Pennsylvania. It is both a business tool and an educational resource. Statistically, the year 2000 was our most successful, with more than 100,000 visits to the site via the home page, countless other visitors going directly from search engines to the information they wanted, and more than 1,000,000 pages of information about Freemasonry served to those who want to know more about our Ancient and Honorable Fraternity.

What can you do on the Grand Lodge web page?

Search for a Job in the On-Line Employment Center: This year an On-Line Employment Center was implemented to offer Pennsylvania Masons the exclusive opportunity to post resumes and job opportunities for Masons. In these times of equal opportunity employment, that may seem to be anachronistic; but they are not employer postings. This is a private system of networking where Masons share opportunities with their brothers, with the choice of initial anonymity allowing for discreet inquiry. There is no charge, nor is it known if anyone is hired or rejected; but it is a service that 670 registered users have utilized. At the close of the year, there were 11 job postings and 35 resumes available for perusal.

Purchase Books, Pins, Regalia, and Gifts: The On-Line Gift Shop contains hundreds of items at reasonable prices to use in the promotion and operation of your lodge. You can purchase by credit card in a secure and safe way, or you can find the items you need and fax or mail your order to the Gift Shop.

Borrow a Book: The On-Line Circulating Library has all of the available volumes listed and any Pennsylvania Mason can borrow two at a time. In the year 2000, 125 borrowing requests were processed via the Internet, representing 43% of all the remote requests from the Library. The catalog is updated regularly, and represents all of the resources of the Circulating Library available from The Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania.

Request a Speaker for Your Meeting: The On-Line Speakers Guide is one of our under-used resources, but 59 Speaker Requests were processed for Masters and Senior Wardens who are looking to schedule programs for their lodge meetings. The Speakers Guide is updated annually. If you are a speaker, and want to be listed, contact the Office of Masonic Education.

File a Change of Address Notice: A form available on the Grand Secretary's site will allow you to report an address change that will be recorded in the records and forwarded to your Lodge Secretary.

Request a Matching Grant, or Sponsor an A.E.D.: All the forms you need are available for your lodge to apply for a Matching Charity Grant. All the paperwork necessary for placing an Automated External Defibrillator is also available for your use.

Watch Masonic Videos: In the year 2000, seven videos were posted on-line. They can be viewed, using the free RealPlayer format. Included are videos on the Masonic Homes, the Friend To Friend Masonic Monument at Gettysburg, DeMolay, and the Masonic Education series, "Tools of the Craft."

Those are just some of the things you can do at the Grand Lodge Web Site.