statue in the works

The clay model of the statue of the late Bro. Carl E. Stotz with a Little League ballplayer is displayed for Robert L. Dluge, Jr., R.W.G.M. (second from left), in the shop of the sculptor, John Hanna (right) in Barre, VT. Also viewing the model is Ronald A. Aungst, Sr. R.W.J.G.W. (left), who is Project Coordinator, and Marvin G. Speicher, R.W.G.T.

It will be a grand slam day for Little League Baseball and the Freemasons of Pennsylvania on Saturday, Aug. 18, in Williamsport.

Robert L. Dluge, Jr., R.W. Grand Master, and the Grand Lodge officers will perform a date stone ceremony for a new stadium beginning at 11 a.m., then unveil a new scoreboard presented by the Masons of Pennsylvania, and unveil a statue of the late Bro. Carl E. Stotz, a founder of Little League Baseball. The ceremonies will climax with Grand Master Dluge throwing out the first pitch to begin the 2001 Little League World Series about 1 p.m.

In a media conference three days after he was installed as Grand Master, Bro. Dluge announced the monumental program to support the expansion of the Little League World Series. On behalf of the Masons of Pennsylvania, he contributed $500,000 for the big league-style scoreboard marked with Masonic symbols that is to be unveiled in a new stadium and dedicated in honor of the late Bro. Stotz. It is the date stone ceremony for that stadium that the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania will perform.

The memorial statue of the late Bro. Stotz will be unveiled at the entrance to the stadium complex. It was crafted by the sculptor, John Hanna, of Rock of Ages in Barre, VT, through arrangements by Bro. Doug Hayhurst, of Hayhurst Memorials, Muncy.little league schedule

Bro. Carl Stotz, who was a member of John F. Laedlein Lodge No. 707, Williamsport, laid the foundation for what Little League means to youth of the world today. He was one who conceived the idea of organized baseball for young boys that resulted in founding the first program in 1939 with only three teams that today has grown to become the world's largest organized youth sports program.

In the evening the Grand Master will host a family barbecue and a concert. There will be a special mailing to all Pennsylvania Freemasons with the details and reservation information for the dinner and entertainment.

This program, that is supportive of youth, is the culmination of a team effort among a number of Masons, especially Ronald A. Aungst, Sr., R.W.J.G.W., who has been the Project Coordinator to make this a reality.

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