laub2I sought to be made a Mason mostly because of my father's example and the esteem in which he held the Fraternity. He always said that he was thrilled when he became a Mason at 21. He felt it was an honor to be accepted into the Lodge and continued on to receive his cherished 50-year Emblem of Gold. Through him, I could see the real life values of Freemasonry.

When it was my time, I wanted to be a Mason. I didn't petition his lodge because it was in another jurisdiction. I approached brethren of New Temple Lodge in Allentown where several of my fellow co-workers were members. I didn't join the Fraternity for what I could get out of Masonry. I sought and found the kind of fellowship my father knew and, in turn, I also gained the opportunity to be part of aiding others through the charities that the Masonic bodies support. Both the fellowship and service to mankind mean much to me.

Brotherhood is "for real" among Masons. For example, my wife and I have done considerable traveling and several times being recognized as a Mason has helped us out of difficulty, like emergency road service or good faith credit for expensive repairs. I can think of nothing more reassuring than hearing a Brother say, "The square and compasses tell me about your character."

Because I am a Mason, we now are happy, comfortable, self-reliant residents of the Retirement Living Community of the Masonic Homes in Elizabethtown. We're very thankful!

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