R.W. Grand Master Robert L. Dluge, Jr., is asking all Worshipful Masters in Pennsylvania to declare November to be "Initiation Month" in their lodges. For initiations to occur during November, petitions must be received in lodges by the September stated meeting and balloting would take place in October. "That's an exciting thought, to have at least 476 ­or more­ worthy men become Masons during the same month across the Commonwealth," Grand Master Dluge said with enthusiastic optimism, hoping that many lodges would have more than one petition.

The stage has been set for this to happen, starting with efforts designed to motivate brethren to recall and communicate the values inherent in their fraternity. Early in March, "The Values of Brotherhood" booklet was mailed to every Pennsylvania Mason. Soon after that, the Grand Master sent a Friend to Friend/Brother to Brother letter to every Pennsylvania Freemason asking him to consider the values and benefits that are his and let Grand Lodge know how "Freemasonry has been good for me." (A convenient reply form was included with the letter from the Grand Master.)

At the same time, District Deputy Grand Masters and Worshipful Masters have been asked by the Grand Master to call attention to the request in the April and May stated meetings and to urge brethren to submit testimonials by the end of May. Selections from the testimonials received will be reproduced in a publication late in the Summer, which will provide each Mason with another informational and motivational "tool" for speaking Friend to Friend to their worthy relative, friend or neighbor.