A year ago, on May 15, the first check to purchase an automated external defibrillator (A.E.D.) was received from Lodge No. 345 in the 13th Masonic District. In ten months, by March 15, 2001, there were 83 life-saving units purchased for communities by 66 lodges in 29 Masonic districts across the state. Each week, more lodges join the list as new applications are being processed.

The 50th District, Bruce E. Fox, D.D.G.M., leads with 10 units purchased, five each by Lodge No. 325 and Lodge No. 594.

The 1st District, Douglas M. Wiker, D.D.G.M., is second, placing seven units, two of which were by Lodge No. 43 and two by Lodge No. 665. Six units have been bought in three districts: the 2nd, John D. Witmer, Jr., D.D.G.M.; the 36th, Edward D. Miles, D.D.G.M.; and the 40th, W. Richard Dillon, D.D.G.M. In the 2nd District, three of them were placed by Lodge No. 21; in the 36th, all were bought by Lodge No. 625; and in the 40th District, Lodge No. 254 bought five of the six units.

Four districts have placed five units: the 3rd, John L. Stains, D.D.G.M., with Lodge No. 197 buying three; the 15th, Martin W. Migliori, D.D.G.M.; the 27th, David A. Teorsky, D.D.G.M., with Lodge No. 272 buying two; and the 58th, Thomas R. Reich, D.D.G.M., with Lodge No. 442 buying two.

Four units were purchased in the 23rd District, Glenn L. Farren, D.D.G.M., three of them by Lodge No. 483. Three units are in the 46th District, William R. Swinehart, D.D.G.M., two of them purchased by Lodge No. 404; and in the 8th District, where Thomas R. Eynon was D.D.G.M. and Jesus A. Rodriguez is now D.D.G.M. There are four districts that have purchased two units and 13 districts in which one unit has been purchased.

"After only ten months, the lodges' responses to meeting an important need in their communities is heart-warming," said Robert L. Dluge, Jr., R.W. Grand Master. "As I see more lodges added to the weekly reports, it tells me that 2001 will be a banner year for Masons' concern for others," he added.

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