A full house of attentive brethren hear R.W. Grand Master
Robert L. Dluge, Jr. address the Wardens Seminar.

Nearly 500 brethren attended the very successful and highly interesting three sessions of the Pennsylvania Academy of Freemasonry in Elizabethtown on Saturday, Mar. 17. The programs were the first events held in the magnificent new Freemasons Cultural Center on the campus of the Masonic Homes at Elizabethtown.

paf2Two dynamic Masons addressed 200 brethren in the Deike Auditorium on the topic "Freemasonry and Religion" and participated in very informative discussion and question and answer periods. M.W. Bro. and Rev. Neville B. Cryer, a noted English Masonic author, General Director of the British and Foreign Bible School, a Prestonian Lecturer, and recipient of numerous Masonic honors, clearly brought into focus the challenges to Freemasonry by some Christians in England and set the record straight as to why it is altogether proper to be a Christian and a Freemason.paf3 Dr. Gary Leazer, an ordained Southern Baptist minister and founder and President of the Center for Interfaith Studies, Inc., as well as the author of two books concerning the Southern Baptist controversy with Freemasonry, spoke of his findings in the study of Freemasonry for the Southern Baptist Convention which led to his leaving the position he held. He gave insights into various charges against the Fraternity not based on fact, but "because they fit" the cause of the attack.

It was an enthusiastic gathering of nearly another 200 Senior and Junior Wardens meeting in a section of the Brossman Ballroom. Presentations on the responsibilities and duties of the Wardens, business of the lodge and relationships with other lodge officers, and planning and preparing for a forthcoming year as Worshipful Master were well done and well received.

There was a good attendance for the Academy session on Ritual in the lodge room of the Masonic Temple that is now incorporated into the Freemasons Cultural Center, where there was a full day of training, exemplifications, and discussions.



Academy of Freemasonry is Topic for Conference of Grand Masters
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