Masonic leaders of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and the leaders of the appendant bodies in the Commonwealth will meet Saturday, Feb. 6, in a "Partners for Progress" seminar in the Samuel C. Williamson Multimedia Center of the Masonic Conference Center, Elizabethtown. Together, the participants will address membership development and retention, leadership qualities, and member motivation.

Debra Moxley, Executive Director of the Westmoreland Council, Girl Scouts of America, will address the seminar to define successful leadership programs. While almost all organizations are facing declining memberships, the Girl Scouts are showing growth as a result of its leadership activities.

A basis for discussions will be the results of a recently completed survey of new members to determine what is of most interest to Blue Lodge members. Conducted by an independent survey organization, the poll represented every new Mason who joined the Fraternity between Jan. 1, 1997, and Aug. 31, 1998.

Each leader attending will receive a leadership handbook offering "75 Ways to Attract and Retain Members."

The seminar will include a workshop on how to create value that will be attractive to new members.